Unknown Untold: “Amityville Vertigo”

March 14, 2017 UntoldHorror 0

In our ongoing research into Untold Horror, we have uncovered a variety of projects which for better or worse went unrealized.  Many of them only exist in pitch material artwork if nothing else.   This ongoing series, entitled “Unknown Untold”, will shine a light on artwork for movies that never existed beyond what is seen on the page. If you have any further knowledge of any of the images posted, please let us know! In 1977 Jay Anson’s novel “The Amityville Horror” sparked a supernatural cultural phenomenon surrounding the alleged otherworldly events which centered around the Lutz family, and their Long Island, NY home. In 1979, an even wider audience was introduced to the terrifying “true story” as MGM released their film adaptation.  Grossing over $85 million dollars domestically, the film was a hit, and invariably lead to sequels (and rip offs).  By the summer of 1982, production was wrapped on an official sequel. However prior to the official sequel, if this advertisement from a fall 1981 Variety magazine is to be believed, there seemed to be an attempt at a European rip-off / sequel, “Amityville Vertigo”. There isn’t much that has turned up when digging into the production companies listed.  There are neither credited talents nor stars attached.   So take a look at this poster, and judge for yourself…   Was there anything beyond this artwork?  Or, was it just as real as the alleged haunting itself?