Quill & Quire Interviews George A. Romero About Humongo Bongo

March 24, 2017 UntoldHorror 0

Literary website Quill & Quire has a great interview up with George A. Romero about Humongo Bongo, by Alison Lang. A snippet of Q&A: Legendary horror director George A. Romero on his first (and only) kids book   How did you end up illustrating this children’s book? George A. Romero: They said, “Well, go ahead and illustrate,” and I said, “Okay, but it won’t be good!” And it turned out to be good enough. This is a children’s book, but it seems to also have a very serious message. GR:  I meant it to be a parable about over-population, greed, and all of the terrible values that we humans have. That’s all it was meant to illustrate. Did you think back to any books you read as a kid while you wrote the story? GR: As a youth, the first actual novel that I ever read was Something of Value. It’s about the Mau Mau Uprising in Africa. That’s the topic, but what it’s about is basically families that are torn apart. It’s almost an anti-apartheid thing.   READ THE REST…

The Little World of Humongo Bongo

March 5, 2017 UntoldHorror 0

George A. Romero is best known for making The Crazies, Creepshow and his seven Dead films, beginning with 1968’s Night of the Living Dead. However, in 1996 the Godfather of the Modern Zombie published his first and only children’s book, The Little World of Humongo Bongo. Both written and illustrated by Romero, it’s the tale of fire-breathing giant Humongo Bongo, who lives on the tiny planet of Tongo. Gentle and curious, his world is thrown upside down when he encounters a race of tiny people named the Minus, who initially worship him as a God but then turn on him when they succumb to fear, greed and the lust for power. Both an imaginative morality tale for pre-teens, and a fascinating vehicle for the social commentary lauded by Romero’s loyal fan base, The Little World of Humongo Bongo is the first Untold Horror release, in a partnership with ChiZine Publications. Previously only released in French for the European market, the story has been resurrected with the involvement of Romero, who will be contributing to this special edition. Watch for it at the end of 2017. More from the ChiZine press release… CHIZINE PUBLICATIONS ANNOUNCES ILLUSTRATED BOOK DEAL WITH GEORGE A. ROMERO PETERBOROUGH, ON, March 1, 2017 – ChiZine Publications (CZP)  announced today the acquisition of The Little World of Humongo Bongo, an illustrated book, originally published in French, by genre legend George A. Romero, best known for Night of the Living Dead, The Crazies, and Creepshow. George Romero sold World English rights (excluding France and Belgium) to Sandra Kasturi and Samantha Beiko, Co-Publishers of CZP, a British Fantasy, World Fantasy, and Bram Stoker Award-winning independent publisher of surreal, subtle, and disturbing dark literary fiction. The publication is in association with Dave Alexander’s Untold Horror. The Little World of Humongo Bongo is the […]