Versions of The Fly that Didn’t Fly

March 15, 2017 UntoldHorror 0

Given that David Cronenberg’s 1986 remake of The Fly is considered the director’s ultimate meditation on body horror, one of the greatest horror films ever made, and was a box office success that earned over $60 million worldwide, it’s no surprise that it keeps coming back. This week, Deadline Hollywood announced that J.D. Dillard will direct a remake written by himself and his writing partner Alex Theurer, for Fox. (The duo’s first feature is the upcoming street magic-themed gangland thriller/superhero movie Sleight.) But what about the versions of The Fly that didn’t get made? First, some background: Cronenberg’s movie is loosely based on George Langelan’s 1957 short story of the same name – about a scientist who accidentally fuses his DNA with that of a house fly, turning himself into a hideous half-insect creature – and it’s 1958 film adaptation by Kurt Neumann. That movie spawned two sequels, Return of the Fly (1959) and Curse of The Fly (1965), while Cronenberg’s resulted in one sequel, 1989’s The Fly II, a poorly-received opera in 2008 and a five-issue comic book series in 2015 titled The Fly: Outbreak, which continued the story of Brundle’s son from The Fly II. The first of these was a sequel proposed by Cronenberg’s Fly star Geena Davis as a project for her then-husband to direct, titled Flies. According to an article at Wicked Horror, this version, “was to focus on Veronica giving birth to twin boys—picking up right after the original and totally ignoring the sequel—who start out normally and then begin their respective transformations at the onset of puberty.” The article also states that the genesis of the idea came from a pitch that author/screenwriter/creator of Video Watchdog Tim Lucas made before The Fly II. “His story would have been very different, revealing that the telepods could actually be re-purposed to function as cloning devices, which is where the Flies title would be relevant. Geena Davis would again have a leading role in […]