Unknown Untold: L.A.B.C

In our ongoing research into Untold Horror, we have uncovered a variety of projects which for better or worse went unrealized.  Many of them only exist in pitch material artwork if nothing else.   This ongoing series, entitled “Unknown Untold”, will shine a light on artwork for movies that never existed beyond what is seen on the page. If you have any further knowledge of any of the images posted, please let us know – Email mark@untoldhorror.ca with any details you may have about these projects! “Whacked out Mutants on a Rampage Without Credit Cards” –  Tagline for “L.A.B.C” … Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it? It’s been a while, but today we’re back with another addition to our “Unknown Untold” series.  Taking a look back at some of the amazing and evocative artwork created for trade magazines, for films that were never realized. Today, we’re looking at what would have been a Charles Band produced film under the “Beyond Infinity” and “Titan Productions” banners.  Credits for both companies  line-up with other Empire-Era Band films, such as Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama,  Breeders, Robot Holocaust, and  Robot Holocaust, during the mid-late 1980s. And looking at this poster – it certainly fits the look and feel of all those films.    Implications of over-the-top, insane violence and gruesome fun, with monsters and mutants.    Next to Cannon Films, the most fun delving into some of these old trade magazines is finding Sales art for Band productions – is seeing some of the wild artwork for movies that never were…. And some of the unrelated sales art for films that were. I mean, a side note.. But take a look at this Variety advertisement for Ghoulies.   So much… and maybe 1% (The titular Ghoulies and house, I guess?) of it is actually related to the … Continue reading Unknown Untold: L.A.B.C