From (July 24, 2016)

Frontières@Fantasia 2016: The Pitch Sessions. Who Would Get My Money, Had I Any to Give


The signs of growth for the Frontieres Co-production Market were evident this year as the market launch event, the pitch sessions, were moved from the smaller J.A. de Seve theater to the main hall. The large crowd of buyers, sellers, producers, financiers and outsiders like myself all gathered early on Thursday morning.

Below is a summary of the projects that made the biggest impression on me. Regardless of their budget, goals, and needs, these are the projects that I want to watch. Now. As stated in years past if I had any money I would put it down on these projects. And by no means is this judgement on any of the other projects. This is merely a very subjective list.

That being said, only when the family estate has been divvied out and the night of celebratory debauchery is over, whatever money is left afterwards would be given to these projects.